Get Ready North Texas’ Premiere Esports Event – OP Live Dallas!

September 20, 2018

OP Live Dallas Powered by Team Envy and the Dallas Fuel will kick off this past weekend, Sept. 22-23, 2018, at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas.

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The event is produced by eGency Global in collaboration with SMU (Southern Methodist University) Guildhall, the top-ranked graduate school for video game design in the world. It will feature:

“As the only hometown esports team in Dallas,” said Geoff Moore, President of Envy Gaming, “we’ll be looking for more and more opportunities to provide entertaining experiences to the local fan base in both the physical and digital realms. Signing on as a partner with OP Live Dallas is a great first step for us, as the Dallas Fuel prepares for season two in the Overwatch League and more and more of our competitive Team Envy teams become based here in DFW.”

The goal of OP Live Dallas is not just amazing esports tournaments – although that’s certainly going to take place. It’s also innovative educational sessions for the entire spectrum of attendees, from industry level to fan and parent informative talks.

“Lots of people play games, whether it’s casually on their phones or hardcore, so people understand gaming. But when it comes to esports, some have a lack of understanding,” said Mark Nausha, the Deputy Director of GameLab at SMU Guildhall. “They may appreciate that their child is doing something that looks like a club event or sporting event in high school, but they truly don’t understand the benefits of what they are doing and the community that is there.

“We are going to have a lot of booths that illuminate the opportunities that gaming provides from a competitive play standpoint to how to design games, become a caster, become a pro. We’re going to have talks given by people in various facets of the industry, from people that develop the games to pros that play games for money to casters and influencers. We’ll give this broad stroke approach to the different career opportunities for people who have a passion and desire to do such things and make it real and tangible to them.”

Photo Credit: University of Rochester 

Saturday – Overwatch Tournament

Sixteen universities will compete in North Texas’ largest collegiate Overwatch tournament, which will take place throughout Saturday (click here for the OP Live Dallas schedule). In addition to the thousands of attendees, these collegiate players will be performing in front of Dallas Fuel pro players Hyeong “Effect” Hwang and Min-seok “OGE” Son as well as coach Aaron “Aero” Atkins, assistant coach Justin “Jayne” Conroy, and general manager Mat “Tazmo” Taylor – so the pressure to perform is on.

Teams from the following colleges will compete for the title of Over Powered Champ:

“Everyone at Envy Gaming is excited to bring the real-life competition of the Overwatch League to the big stage of OP Live Dallas,” said Moore. “Envy Gaming and our Dallas-based teams, the Dallas Fuel and Team Envy, look forward to bringing local fans a competition they will never forget with the largest collegiate Overwatch tournament in North Texas at OP Live Dallas.”

Sunday – Bounty Royale Brawl Featuring Fortnite

What’s a Bounty Royale Brawl?

It’s where 98 OP Live Dallas attendees, working in pairs, face off against two pro players. The goal for attendees is to eliminate a pro and/or win the match (earning a Victory Royale). Meanwhile, the pros are trying to knock off as many players as possible, until the final round when they have to hunt each other as well.

Each round, new attendees face off against a new pair of pros. Attendees who win a match or eliminate an invited pro player are automatically placed in the final round (the Over Powered game) along with all of the pro players.

The attendees ranked in the top 14 advance to the final game. The only exception is if a player eliminates a pro but does not make it to the top 14. In this case, the top 13 (or 12, etc.) ranked attendees make it to the final. The winner of the final Over Powered match earns the title of OP Bounty Hunter and the prize that goes with it.

Sign-ups for the Bounty Royale Brawl take place Saturday and Sunday at OP Live Dallas! The first match takes place at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Educational Sessions

The esports industry is vibrant and alive. Those within the industry (and those watching it closely) recognize that it is currently going through a period of tremendous and dynamic growth. Those outside the industry often see just a bunch of people playing video games.

OP Live Dallas has educational sessions for both groups.

Often for those with esports aspirations, the industry can seem daunting and challenging to get a break. Yet, that is precisely what nearly every successful person had to go through. In the Powered Talks, you’ll hear motivational stories of success from esports pros and executives, including:

OP Live Dallas will also offer sessions for anyone who is perplexed by the esports industry. These Parent Lost & Found Talks will help parents (and anyone else who is interested) understand esports, careers in the industry, and how esports can fit in a child’s life.

OP Live Odyssey

OP Live Dallas isn’t just about games. OP Live IS a game. With the OP Live App, attendees will be able to unlock achievements, complete quests, and win exclusive prizes. Taking part is as easy as pulling out a smartphone and scanning a QR code.

Most quests will help attendees navigate through OP Live Dallas to ensure they don’t miss out on some of the event’s coolest parts. Some, however, will require the heart of a true gamer to complete.

GameChangers Hackathon

During OP Live, students who registered to compete will work in teams to build an application that supports the esports industry. These students are the future of gaming and esports and, at OP Live Dallas, their efforts may create an impact in the industry today.

The winner of the GameChangers Hackathon will be announced near the end of the event on Sunday.

Extra Life

Various funds raised at OP Live Dallas will directly benefit local children through Children’s Health. The money will be donated to Extra Life, a charitable organization founded by video gamers in 2008 that’s dedicated to “playing games to help local kids.” The organization has raised more than $40 million since it began and, in 2010, Extra Life became affiliated with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Local gamers raised funds prior to OP Live Dallas and will continue to while they compete at the event.

“When eGency Global and SMU Guildhall decided to launch OP Live Dallas,” said Chris Stone, CEO of eGency Global, “we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind event that gamers and fans would love while supporting a local charity at the same time. We’re grateful that Team Envy and the Dallas Fuel will be joining us in this endeavor.”

Don’t forget, OP Live Dallas is this weekend. Click here to purchase tickets or to learn even more about the event. Also, after the event Saturday and Sunday, be sure to swing by the Alamo Drafthouse in Irving for a special screening of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” OP Live Dallas attendees simply need to show their wristbands to receive a discount on that screening or for any other movie that’s playing.